Before studying abroad with an external program, you should consult with your advisor to see how courses will fit into your curriculum. 

For a detailed breakdown of the GVPT Major requirements, please refer to the department’s official guidance found here.

Requirements for the the IR Concentration are available here.

Course Code

Course Title


3813/615a524a Vorbereitung zum Forschungsseminar: Political Institutions 6
1172/615-011a History and Theories of European Integration 6
0850/615-001a The Political Economy of Globalization 6
0821/615-032a Demokratieforschung 3
2919/615a001a Political campaigns in times of big data 3
1153/615a014 Spezialisierung: European Integration 6
3521/615-503a Statistical models in political analysis 6
3609/615a506a The New Politics of Class 6
2222/615a520a Left-Right in Global Perspective 6
3613/615a501a The Rise and Decline of the West in the Modern World System 6
1551/615a002a Gender and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa 3
3273/615a504 Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Regional Rivalry between Realist Constructivist Approaches 6
851-0101-65L Regional Politics in the Arabian Peninsula 3
615a516 Experimental Assessment of Development Policy Interventions 6
0009/615a004a By Reflection and Choice: American Political Thought 3
3683/615-004b Transnational Private Governance- New Rulers of Global Politics? 6
  Globalization: An Introduction  
2917/615-007a Political Representation 6
2915/615-011b Political Culture: Values, Political Attitudes and Behaviour of Citizens in Different Political Communities 6
3555/615a003a Switzerland in the Modern World: More than Cheese and Chocolate 3
2952/615a005a Specialisation: Populism and Electoral Protest in the Intern. Context: European Integration,Elections+ Political Parties 6
3077/615a006a Spezialisierung: Party Competition, Election Pledges, and Policy Outcomes 6
2918/615a010a Spezialisierung: Political behavior of immigrants 6
3985/254a205a Political communication and public opinion in the digital age 6
2952/615a-005a Spezialisierung: Populism and Electoral Protest in the Intern. Context: European Integration,Elections+ Political Parties 6
3812/615a515a Vorbereitung zum Forschungsseminar: Political Representation in Comparative Perspective 6
4002/254a103a The Internet and World Politics 3
0849/615a525a The Politics of Income Inequality 6
1625/615-004a Globalization as a new challenge to global governance 6
3411/615-009b Social protection in developing countries: Applications of impact evaluation 6
3619/615a007a Spezialisierung: The psychology of develo. politics: Evidence from research on poverty, conflict, and migration 6
615a507 Capitalism, Welfare, and Inequality Worldwide 6