After receiving a Bachelor's Degree from James Madison University, Candace began her professional career working with political campaigns across the country, serving in capacities ranging from Campaign Manager to Media Consultant. She returned to academia in 2010, receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 2018. Within her primary fields of American Politics and Political Methodology, Candace specializes in voting behavior, campaigns/elections, voter psychology, survey methodology, and experimentation. Her dissertation research focused on the impact of high volumes of political advertising on voter persuasion. She also continues to work with candidates and political organizations, most recently as a polling analyst at a longstanding private firm in Alexandria, VA. In the Fall of 2018, Candace will join the DC teaching faculties of both NYU and American University. 

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Areas of Interest

  • Campaigns and Elections, Political Advertising, Political Psychology, Political Behavior, Survey Research, Experimentation.
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    American Government/Political Methodology
  • Degree Type
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    American Government/Political Methodology
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    Political Science


  • My research focuses on the relationship between political campaigns and voters, particularly, how voters cognitively encounter political information, and how campaigns can utilize scientific approaches to maximize the quality of their voter contacts.

Research Topics

  • American Politics
  • Methodology
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