Graduate Program in Government and Politics / Forms

Although there are numerous forms associated with the graduate program. Here is some information regarding forms that you will/may need to use at some point.

Upon entering the program you have 5 years to complete the following (though in most circumstances students should advance in their third year or the start of their fourth year):

A. All coursework – 14 courses are required 10 of which must be taken at UMCP
1. A student can petition to transfer up to 12 credits (4 courses) from another program into their current Ph.D. program. Coursework can be no older than 4 years from admission into current program with a grade of B or better. A syllabus for each course must be included.

B. Both Comprehensive Exams in Primary and Secondary Field must have been taken and successfully passed at the Ph.D. level. (exams are given in January and August each year)
Students have at times designated their own self-designed secondary field. A request along with a field description must be submitted for approval.

C. Pre-prospectus meeting: Usually within six months of passing the primary field comprehensive exam students should meet with their mentorship committee to discuss their idea or multiple ideas for the dissertation. Students should write a short description of their proposed project(s) and submit a copy to Ann Marie.

D. Defense of dissertation prospectus. It is expected that at least 4 committee members must be in attendance unless prior arrangements have been made with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

E. The research paper is a paper of a size and quality sufficient to make it publishable as an article in a political science journal. The procedure for the acceptance of the research paper mimics the procedures of refereed journals. The paper can be a rewrite of a seminar paper, or in some way closely related to the student's Ph.D. dissertation. A student will not be admitted to candidacy without completing the research paper requirement.

F. Once all of the above (A through E) has been completed you will Advance to Candidacy.

You will be automatically registered once you advance by the Office of the Registrar every Fall
and Spring semester for dissertation credits with your chair (GVPT 899).

If the above is not accomplished within the five year time frame, then a Request for Time
Extension must be submitted.

If approved this will give you from 3 months to a year to complete all requirements in order to Advance to Candidacy (ABD – all but dissertation). The request should provide details to explain the delay and the case for more time must provide evidence to support the claim that remaining work will
be completed within the time requested. You will also need a letter of support from your advisor.

After you have become ABD you are given four additional years to write, defend the
dissertation, complete revisions, submit and graduate.
Prior to holding the dissertation defense you must apply for graduation (online via testudo) and officially nominate your dissertation committee.

The committee consists of five people who are members of the University Graduate Faculty. At least three must be from the department. Your fifth member, the Dean’s Representative must be a tenured faculty member (Professor or Associate Professor) who is physically located here at UMCP but outside of the Department of Government and Politics.

From time-to-time students request that someone outside of the University of Maryland serve on his/her committee. This person must be officially nominated for Special Membership to the Graduate Faculty. This should be done in advance of submitting the official Nomination of Dissertation Committee.


OTHER HELPFUL INFORMATION (all needed forms attached):

A. Departmental and Goldhaber Travel Request Forms – GVPT grad students can receive department travel funding once a year (July 1 to June 30th each year) for presenting papers at conferences. You will need to fill out a request for departmental funding BEFORE the trip. You can get this on the BSOS website under GVPT (forms) or from Ann Marie. You must submit this form along with a copy of the email, ltr., program.....whatever you received which shows your paper has been accepted as well as a letter of rec (short email will suffice from your advisor). Again, travel funds are for paper presentations only at conferences.

There is also the Goldhaber travel award (travel grant awarded by the Graduate School). You can now apply for the Goldhaber twice during your tenure as a graduate student in the department. Students can apply for the Goldhaber one time prior to Advancing to Candidacy and one time after Advancing to Candidacy. You must apply to this at the same time that you apply for the once a year departmental travel funds (must be for the same conference). They must go hand-in-hand.

These requests go through Ann Marie at the same time that you submit your departmental travel request. THE GOLDHABER MUST BE APPLIED FOR WELL IN ADVANCE as this is a pot of money dispersed campus wide to grad students each semester. Once the money earmarked for that semester has been awarded anyone who applies late will be denied the funding.

Having said that... most students wait until they are presenting across the country or out of the U.S. (more pricey trips). The department awards up to $300.00 in reimbursement for travel within the U.S. and up to $450.00 for international travel and Goldhaber will come close to matching that.

***Please note, if you do not apply for departmental travel money before the trip and do so once you return you will ONLY be reimbursed for up to half of what you would have normally received (300.00 if you apply prior to the trip/150.00 if you apply after the trip). The same holds true for International travel. Additionally, that would be counted as your once per year travel support. You would have to wait for the following year to apply for department travel funds again.

B. M.A. Degree conferral – you are eligible to apply for the M.A. degree (non-thesis option) once you have completed 10 courses (transfer credits do not count) and have successfully passed one of the two required comprehensive exams.

1. You will need to apply for graduation via testudo (this will not affect your status as a Ph.D. student).

2. Fill out an M.A. Approved Program Form (lists 10 courses you have taken that fulfill the M.A. requirements).

3. Fill out a Certification of Non-thesis Option Form

Lists two papers that you have written that faculty approve and one comprehensive exam that you have passed).

Note: the Application for Graduation (aka: diploma application) is online via the testudo website.

C. Waiver of Regulation Form. Any time you have a special request (i.e., waiver of mandatory fees or request for anything to be done retroactive this form must be submitted.

1. Waiver of Mandatory Fees - If you will be away from the university and not making any demands on the university then you can apply for a waiver of payment of mandatory fees. This must be done every semester that you are eligible for. Please note: if you are defending the prospectus or defending the dissertation during this particular semester then you cannot petition for a waiver of fees. This should be done early as it takes at least six to eight weeks to clear.

D. Request for a Leave of Absence – Graduate students may request a Leave of Absence (which stops the time to degree clock) for up to 2 consecutive semesters for any of the following reasons: childbearing, adoption, illness, and dependent care (children, ill or injured partners, or aging parents).

E. Waiver of Continuous Registration – Pre-Candidacy students who plan to be away from the University and do not plan to graduate nor make use of any University resources (libraries,labs, rec facilities, faculty time) are eligible for waiver of continuous registration for up to two semesters. Doctoral candidates (students who are ABD) are not eligible.

F. Request for Time Extension – Must be submitted prior to timing out of program either pre-candidacy or after becoming ABD. Extensions are limited. An explanation, Plan of Action and letter of support from advisor must be submitted.

G. Graduate Student Overload request – Students who are on Graduate Assistantships in order to work additional hours (overload) during either the Fall or Spring semester must fill out an overload request form. This should be done well in advance of scheduling additional work as it can take up to three weeks to be approved by the Graduate School and Main Administration. A student on funding can work no more than 10 overload hours per week during the semester (Fall and Spring).