Welcome to the Graduate Student Association home page. This page is intended to provide information—academic, professional and otherwise—to the GVPT graduate student body.

The GVPT Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents graduate student interests. GSA does this by liaising with faculty and the administration, providing a forum for discussing ideas and organizing programs that benefit graduate students, and dealing with any issues that our graduate students may face during their studies. GSA also helps to build a sense of community in the GVPT department via the organisation of social events. Meetings are monthly and are announced via email.

This year, GSA is working on several initiatives relating to graduate academic studies and social needs. Socially, we are keen to expand our social events agenda by organizing departmental sports teams, happy hours, start/end of semester parties and other activities. For the academic benefit of our graduate students we want to promote and develop three areas: a new writing group, the institutionalization of our Gender Studies group, and student-led workshops. We will also be working with the faculty to improve the mentorship system and bring more clarity to the assistantships allocation system.

Below you can also find the list of officers within GSA structure for the year 2018-2019.

If you would like to get in touch with the GSA Co-Chairs, SoRelle Wyckoff and Kee Hyun Park, you can contact us at sorellew [at] terpmail.umd.edu and khpark [at] terpmail.umd.edu.

Officers and Liaisons

GSA Co-Chairs:
SoRelle Wyckoff and Kee Hyun Park

Social Chair:
Chase Englund

Technology Liaison:
Sean Rao

Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Committee:
Tiago Ventura and Joan Timoneda

Graduate Student Government representative:
Simon Sheaff

Methods Field Rep:
Tiago Ventura
Student-Led Workshop Coordinator:
Nick Miras
First Years’ Rep:
Tristan Hightower and Ellin Chung