Limited Enrollment Program Information

Certain majors are very popular and require a limit on the number of students they can accommodate; these programs are designated as Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP). Students in an LEP major must successfully complete a specific set of courses, or "gateway" requirements, by the semester in which they earn 45 credits (not including AP/IB, or Freshman Connection credits.) In addition, students who wish to add an LEP major after their first semester on campus must complete these gateway requirements before they can apply. The following guidelines pertain to all Limited Enrollment Programs:

  • Only one gateway/entrance course may be repeated, and it may only be repeated one time. When more than one course can satisfy a gateway requirement, taking a second course from the list will count as a repeat. A grade of W (Withdrawn) is counted as an attempt.
  • Students may apply only once to an LEP.  Students who choose to leave the major or are directly admitted and fail to meet the review criteria will be dismissed from the major and may not reapply. If a student applies to the major and does not meet the requirements, the student will not be allowed to apply again. 
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 throughout their enrollment, or they will be removed from the major. 

You may view specific entrance requirements to the major for first-semester freshmen, internal transfer students, and external transfer students on our Admissions page. You can view more LEP information specific to LEP majors within BSOS Feller Center here.

If you would like to appeal any of the LEP requirements to gain entry into GVPT, please schedule an appointment with BSOS Feller Center College Advising. If you are currently a GVPT student and need to submit an appeal in order to remain in the major, please draft a personal statement that outlines what LEP policies you are violating, the circumstances surrounding them, why you wish to remain in the major, and how you intend to ensure your future success, and send it to gvptadvising [at]