Advising Office Information 

*The GVPT Advising Office has shifted online due to UMD's response to COVID-19. You can find detailed information about scheduling advising appointments, contacting GVPT advising, and other important GVPT Advising updates through*

GVPT Advisors will be available for virtual appointments through phone or video conferencing technology during times when UMD is scheduled to be "open". Please see the schedule below:

Monday, September 7th: GVPT Advising is closed for Labor Day
Wednesday, November 25th: GVPT Advising is closed for Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 26th: GVPT Advising is closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, November 27th: GVPT Advising is closed for Thanksgiving

Wednesday, December 23rd: GVPT Advising is closing for winter break and will reopen on *January 4th*

Our office hours will continue to be 9am-4pm. Thirty minute appointments can be scheduled between 9am-10am and 1pm-4pm. Drop-in hours will be open from 10am-12pm on Mondays (with Jillian and Rachel), Tuesdays (with Jillian and Gracie), and Fridays (with Gracie and Rachel). Thiry-minute appointments may be scheduled through TerpEngage. Information on scheduling appointments and accessing drop-in hours can be found here.

For general advising questions, send an email to gvptadvising [at] Email is the fastest way to contact GVPT Advising during this period of time.

Note: All students who intend to change their major to GVPT or declare GVPT as a double major must call or e-mail the office to sign up for a Major Change Workshop. More information about declaring the major can be found here.

Professional Development Advising

  • Students interested in professional development advising should schedule an appointment with Rachel Vierling

Our Advising team:

Jillian Santos

Gracie Riley

Rachel Vierling

Email is the best way to contact the advising staff.


The Government & Politics Office takes a holistic approach to advising. We deliver accurate advising information to ensure timely degree completion. We serve as a resource liaison, promote experiential learning, and encourage post-graduation planning. Our office provides an accessible and welcoming environment that respects the diverse needs and backgrounds of our students.


The Government & Politics Advising Office aims to deliver a responsive and innovative high-quality advising program that facilitates student learning and development. We strive to be a model of excellence at the University of Maryland.


  1. Deliver accurate advising and degree information and assist with timely degree completion.
  2. Take a holistic approach to advising by discussing and clarifying academic, career, and life goals.
  3. Serve as a campus research liaison and play an active role in the advising community.
  4. Maintain a high level of accessibility and provide a welcoming environment for students.
  5. Respect the diversity of our students, including physical and learning abilities.
  6. Encourage student autonomy.
  7. Promote experiential learning opportunities and encourage post-graduate planning.

Other Advising Resources:

  1. College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Advising Office
  2. Education Abroad Appointments
  3. Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy (MICA) Personal Advising Services
  4. Undocumented Student Resources
  5. Career Center Appointments
  6. Accessibility & Disability Services Appointments