Richard N. Engstrom studies American Government and Politics, with a focus on the links between public opinion and policy outcomes at the state and local level.  He has published on questions related to electoral redistricting, primary elections, ballot initiatives, and the use of administrative data to answer research questions.  In addition to his academic work, he has been involved in numerous applied policy projects, working with state and local agencies in Wyoming, Georgia, Texas, and Maryland.  Recent applied work include projects on gun crime reduction, citizen noncompliance with auto insurance laws, sexual violence, and how citizens respond to cultural programming offered by government agencies.  He is currently working on a project studying how millennial and non-millennial populations view social and political engagement, and the implications those differences have for governance and policymaking.

Dr. Engstrom is also the Director of Professional Development for the Southern Political Science Association.

Areas of Interest

  • State and Local Government, Elections, Public Opinion, Public Policy


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    Political Science, Rice University
  • Degree Type
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    Political Science, Louisiana State University
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GVPT461 Local Politics and Government Spring 2019 Syllabus
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