Name Email Location & Phone
Photo of Dr. Alcañiz Alcañiz, Isabella
Professor and Associate Chair. Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center
ialcaniz [at] 3104A Tydings Hall
Alee headshot Allee, Todd
Associate Professor
tallee [at] 2114 Chincoteague Hall
(301) 405-6753
its me, jacob! Aronson, Jacob
Assistant Research Professor
jacobaro [at] 2117H Chincoteague
Profile Image Banks, Antoine
Professor and Department Chair
abanks12 [at] 3140 Tydings Hall
Profile Berland, Allison
Senior Lecturer
aberland [at] 1140F Tydings Hall
Professor Birnir Birnir, Jóhanna
jkbirnir [at] 3117B Chincoteague Hall
(301) 405-7206
Ernesto Calvo (Photo) Calvo, Ernesto
Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies
ecalvo [at] 3140 Tydings Hall
(832) 276-7890
Shannon Carcelli, Shannon
Assistant Professor
carcelli [at] 2117G Chincoteague
Cil headshot Cil, Deniz
Assistant Research Professor
dcil [at] 2117D Chincoteague Hall
Dr. Croco on Testudo Croco, Sarah
scroco [at] 3140 Tydings Hall
david_picture Cunningham, David
dacunnin [at] Chincoteague 3117C
(301) 405-8364
photo Cunningham, Kathleen Gallagher
Professor & Co-Director of Graduate Studies
kgcunnin [at] Chincoteague 3117D
Headshot of Dr. Richard N. Engstrom Engstrom, Richard
Associate Research Professor
rengstro [at] 1127C Tydings Hall
Photo 2023 Gimpel, James
jgimpel [at] (301) 405-4156
Breanna C.Gray-Headshot 2023 Gray, Breanna C.
Assistant Professor
brecgray [at] 1145 Tydings Hall
Jennifer_picture Hadden, Jennifer
Associate Professor and Co-Director of GVPT Global
jhadden1 [at] 3117H Chincoteague Hall
(301) 405-1770
Hanmer Hanmer, Michael
Professor & CDCE Director
mhanmer [at] 1115B Tydings Hall (use 3140 Tydings for mail)
(301) 405-7379
Prof. Virginia Haufler Haufler, Virginia
Associate Professor and Co-Director of GVPT Global
vhaufler [at] 3117J Chincoteague
(301) 405-4122
Paul_picture Huth, Paul
Professor & Director of the Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM)
phuth [at] 2103 Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-8481
Photo Johnson, Marcus
Assistant Professor
mjohnso6 [at] Chincoteague 3117F
Pic Jones, Calvert W.
Associate Professor
cwjones [at] 2116 Chincoteague
David Karol Karol, David
Associate Professor
dkarol [at] Tydings Hall 3140P
(301) 405-0906
Scott's Profile Picture Kastner, Scott
skastner [at] 3117G Chincoteague Hall
(301) 405-9710
Conny Kazungu, Conny
Lecturer and Faculty Advisor Environmental Politics & Policy Program
ckazungu [at] 1127D Tydings Hall
Kim Profile Photo Kim, Hyunki
hkim0123 [at] 4102 Chincoteague Hall
Stacy Kosko, Stacy J.
Associate Research Professor & Director, College Park Scholars International Studies
sjkosko [at] 2117K Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-7707
mill Kumar, Sujith
Senior Lecturer
kumars13 [at] Tydings 1153
Portrait of Chryl Laird Laird, Chryl
Associate Professor
cnlaird [at] 1143 Tydings Hall
UM Globe Lund, Neil
McCauley profile photo McCauley, John
Associate Professor & Director of IDCM
mccauley [at] 2117E Chincoteague Hall
(301) 405-6354
Kris_picture Miler, Kris
Associate Professor
kmiler [at] 3140 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-1225
Photo of William Zachariah Mundy Mundy, William Zachariah
Lecturer & Director, Maryland Mock Trial Program
wzmundy [at] 1141 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-5807
Pearson 9.2022 Pearson, Margaret
Dr. Horace V. and Wilma E. Harrison Distinguished Professor
mpearson [at] 3115 Chincoteague Hall
(301) 405-0423
wlr Reed, William
Professor & Assistant Provost
wlr [at]
profile picture Shen-Bayh, Fiona
Assistant Professor
shenbayh [at]
Professor Spivey in his office Spivey, Michael
Senior Lecturer
mspivey [at] 1135B Tydings Hall
(202) 285-3948
Swistak, Piotr
Associate Professor
pswistak [at] 1140 G Tydings Hall
(301) 405-4149
Telhami headshot Telhami, Shibley
Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development
sadat [at] 1101 Chincoteague Hall
(301) 405-6734
Tismaneanu, Vladimir
Professor and Director of the Center for the Study of Post-communist Societies
vtisman [at] (301) 405-4164
Headshot of Dr. Turitto Turitto, Candace
Professional Track Faculty
turitto [at]
Photo of Dr. Wallace at Fulbright Scholars Regional Meeting in Thailand Wallace, Jennifer
Senior Lecturer
jwallace [at] Tydings 3140-N
wohlfarthPhoto Wohlfarth, Patrick C.
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
patrickw [at] 1115C Tydings Hall
headshot of Janelle Wong Wong, Janelle
janellew [at] SUSQ 2117
301-405-6834 (AMST); 301-405-0879 (AAST)