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MAIR will host several events for prospective applicants, current students, alums, and the broader community, which will be listed and updated here.

Please pay close attention to each event's details - while some events return to in-person, others remain virtual and may require pre-registration.


Upcoming Events





Past MAIR events

  • MAIR/APAN Joint Methods Workshops on Python
  • "Lives Amid Violence, Transforming Development in the Wake of Conflict" book discussion by the author Dr. Schomerus
  • MAIR Spring roundtable discussion on Human rights, Peace & Security 
  • MAIR/APAN joint workshop on R Tidyverse
  • MAIR/APAN joint methods GIS workshop
  • MAIR Roundtable Discussion on US and Chinese Relations with Taiwan
  • MAIR Roundtable Discussion on the Conflict in Ukraine

Any questions about these events can be directed to mair [at] umd.edu


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Twitter: @MAIR_UMD

LinkedIn: @MAIR UMD

Instagram: @MAIR_UMD