Welcome to the Department of Government & Politics Transfer Student Infomation Page. GVPT is committed to supporting all transfer students throughout their academic journey to degree completion. 


Where are you in your transfer journey?

Prospective Internal Transfer Student: Internal transfer students are current University of Maryland students who have not yet declared government and politics as their major or double major (ex. students in Letters & Sciences or another major on campus).

Prospective External Transfer Student: External transfer students are students who are currently attending another institution (ex. two-year college or another 4-year university) and are considering or in the process of transferring to the University of Maryland Government and Politics major. 

Current GVPT Transfer Student: Current University of Maryland GVPT transfer students are students who have been admitted to the Government and Politics major. The department of Government and Politics is available to support you through your academic journey!


Take Advantage of GVPT Advising

Regardless of where you are in your transfer journey, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a GVPT Academic Advisor. The GVPT Academic Advisors can help review your transcript from your previous institutions, draft a sample graduation plan to outline your future semesters as a UMD GVPT student, and answer any questions about UMD, GVPT major requirements, double majors, minors, internships, study abroad, etc. GVPT Advising is here to help! 

Meet your GVPT Advisors

Email: gvptadvising [at] umd.edu