Madeline Fleishman is a PhD student in the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently the managing editor at the Journal of Conflict Resolution. Her primary field is International Relations with an interest in civil conflict, specifically conflict management by international organizations. She is currently working on different projects studying the impact of sanctions, cooperation, and regional organizations on conflict outcomes. Her work has been published in Conflict Management and Peace Science

She is also on the managing team for the Junior International Organizations Scholars Workshop and encourages other IO scholars to join! Before coming to UMD, Madeline earned her Bachelor of Science degree from East Carolina University in Political Science, Security Studies, and International Studies with a concentration in conflict, graduating Summa Cum Laude with Honors in Political Science. You can follow her academic Twitter at @m_fleishman. 

Areas of Interest

  • Civil Conflict
  • International Organizations
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Regional Organizations
  • Humanitarian aid
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  • Degree Type
    (2019) BS
    Degree Details
    Political Science, Security Studies, and International Studies--- East Carolina University
  • Degree Type
    (2021) MA
    Degree Details
    Government and Politics--- University of Maryland


  • 2022-05-01
    UMD Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship
  • 2022-05-01
    Lussier Summer Research Fellowship
  • 2022-05-20
    Box-Steffensmeier Scholarship Award (ICPSR)
  • 2019-05-03
    ECU Department of Political Science Outstanding Senior
  • 2019-05-03
    ECU Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Senior


Research Topics

  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
Junior IO Scholars Workshop Managing Team (2022- Present)
GVPT Graduate Student Workshop Coordinator (2021-Present)
GVPT Honors Program Assistant (Spring 2020- Spring 2021)
Teaching Assistant- GVPT 200 (2019-2020)
Chincoteauge 2117
Government and Politics Department
mfleish [at]