Anthony Marcum is a Lecturer in the Program for International and Comparative Studies at the University of Michigan. Dr. Marcum’s research and teaching focuses on peace and security in world politics. His work addresses issues surrounding international wars and crises, military occupations, secrecy, and political accountability. Dr. Marcum develops and tests models that advance the discipline’s scientific understanding of actors’ behavior in and after conflict.

Dr. Marcum is currently working on two projects. The first concerns postwar politics and how states use military occupations to enforce their preferred peace against former opponents. He is developing manuscripts on the initiation, duration, and outcome of military occupations from 1815 through 2003. 

Dr. Marcum’s second project concerns the Logic of Political Accountability (“LPA”) with co-author Jonathan N. Brown. . Under the LPA theory, autocratic leaders may be more accountable to domestic supporters than are democratic leaders, due to the monitoring and sanctioning advantages of smaller winning coalitions, common in autocracies. The LPA theory helps explain the occurrence of coups and the use of secrecy in crisis bargaining. Dr. Marcum’s next manuscript will evaluate the use of domestic deception for an autocracy’s entry into war.

Areas of Interest

  • Conflict Studies
  • Military Occupations
  • Political Accountability
  • Secrecy
  • Research Design & Methodology
  • Political Economy
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    Wright State University 2003
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    Purdue University 2005
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    University of Maryland 2015

Research Topics

  • International Relations
Anthony Marcum, Ph.D.
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