GVPT Professor Ernesto Calvo, PhD student Flavia Batista, former student Tiago Ventura, and their colleagues have published a new article in Nature, Scientific Reports, entitled "Framing fact-checks as a “confirmation” increases engagement with corrections of misinformation: a four-country study."

While existing research speaks to why users spread misinformation online, questions remain as to why users share fact-checks. This article addresses that critical question bv studying sharing of online fact-checks. Calvo and his team conducted a four-country study on the positive effects of framing fact-checks as confirming accurate information rather than refuting misinformation. It compares fact-checks with frames "it is true that p" or its equivalent "it is false that not-p." The study shows significant benefits for addressing health misinformation using confirmation frames. 

Read more on the team's findings here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-024-53337-0

Calvo and Image from Article