Career Development Resources

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Preparing for a Career in Government & Politics

Many of our students choose to go on to law or graduate school, while many others seek positions in the public or private sector. The Advising Office has available a booklet published by the American Political Science Association entitled Careers and the Study of Political Science that students seeking more information should find helpful. Furthermore, career advising is part of the services that are always available in the GVPT advising office.

Specializing in a particular area of Government & Politics (i.e. International Relations) enhance the student’s chances of finding a desired position in the job market. They should select their options, areas of specialization, and electives to build a credible and strong specialization. Students who do not select or do so haphazardly do so put themselves at a competitive disadvantage when entering the job market.

While students are encouraged to think about career opportunities, they are also encouraged to use some of their electives to take courses that are intellectually and personally rewarding. The best mix of courses varies from student to student. What is important is that a student sees there is room for both career and personal intellectual development.

The University Career Center (3100 Hornbake) has many resources to help students identify career options. These include job listings, resume referrals, on-campus interviewing and a number of workshops on job search strategies. Students should take advantage of the Career Center's services as well.