The Department of Government and Politics offers two undergraduate curriculum options.

The first is the general GVPT curriculum without a concentration, which allows students to explore a variety of topics in the political science field, including American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, and Public Law and Administration.

The second curriculum option is a formal concentration in International Relations. This would allow students to focus the majority of their coursework on topics related to International Relations and Comparative Politics.

GVPT Major Requirements- No Concentration

GVPT Major Requirements- International Relations Concentration


NOTE: Effective immediately, GVPT201 (formerly GVPT100) Scope and Methods for Political Science Research is no longer required for admission to the Government and Politics major (this change applies to the International Relations Concentration as well). GVPT201 remains a major requirement and must be completed with a 'C-' or higher. The GVPT Department strongly encourages students to complete GVPT201 before enrolling in upper-level GVPT courses. 

Please direct questions to the GVPT Undergraduate Advising office at gvptadvising [at]