Declaring a GVPT Major

LEP Requirements

Government and Politics is Limited Enrollment Program (LEP). This means students must satisfy specific entrance requirements in order to apply to or remain in the major. LEP entrance policies/requirements differ for first-semester freshmen, internal transfer students, and external transfer students. Please review our Admissions Page to determine your eligibility and what LEP requirements apply to you. If you have any questions about whether or not you have completed the entrance requirements or which requirements you need to meet, please contact the GVPT Advising office at 301-405-4168 or

If you have previous college coursework and are unsure if you will meet the 2.7 GPA cumulative GPA requirement for internal/external transfer students, you can request an official LEP GPA calculation through the LEP office ( or the BSOS Advising office.

Note: external transfer students who wish to add GVPT as a double major must establish a UMD GPA by completing one semester of coursework before they can declare. First semester freshmen may declare GVPT as a double major any time during their first semester (before the last day of classes) even if they have not established a UMD GPA.

Major Change Process

There are two steps to declaring GVPT as a major or double major:

1)      Attend a GVPT Major Change Workshop and receive a major application form

2)      Complete a BSOS Graduation Planning Workshop and complete a graduation plan

GVPT Major Change Workshops are not held regularly during the Summer 2018 semester. To complete an individal major change workshop with a GVPT advisor, please come to walk-in advising hours: 10am - 1pm, M-F. Alternatively, you may e-mail to schedule an appointment outside of these times.

During the workshop you will be given detailed information regarding the GVPT major requirements and policies. We also encourage you to review the GVPT website in advance to familiarize yourself with the major, particularly our LEP information and departmental policies

BSOS Graduation Planning Workshop: Details on how to complete this workshop will be given at the GVPT Major Change Workshop. The BSOS Graduation Planning Workshop can be done online or in-person.

Submitting Your Application

Once you have completed both the GVPT Major Change Workshop and the BSOS Graduation Planning Workshop, you will submit your major application form as well as your graduation plan to BSOS Advising at 2148 Tydings. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and it typically takes 2-3 weeks for the major change to be processed. If you have any questions about the status of your application, you may contact BSOS Advising at 301-405-1697.

You should confirm that you have met all major entrance requirements before you turn in your application. 

First semester freshman must turn in their major application by the last day of classes during their first semester of attendance in order to declare GVPT directly. After this deadline, they must follow the internal transfer requirements and complete the entrance requirements before they can declare GVPT.