Declaring GVPT, GVPT-IR, or GVPT BS is a two-step process, students must:

1. Complete the GVPT Major Change Workshop to receive the Change/Addition of Major form.

2. Complete the BSOS Feller Center Academic Planning Workshop and develop an academic plan.


GVPT Major Change Workshop

GVPT major change workshops are held both in-person and virtually. If you would like to complete our workshop virtually, please email GVPTAdvising [at] to be added to our major change workshop ELMS page.

In-person major change workshops for Fall 2023 are hosted by our Peer Advisors and are offered on Tuesdays from 3-3:30PM. Please email GVPTAdvising [at] to sign up for a slot. [Note: We will not be holding a workshop on 11/21].

The online major change workshop is self-guided and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. During the workshop, you will be given detailed information about the GVPT major requirements. Once you complete the workshop, you will be granted access to the required Change/Addition of Major form. Please note that the Change/Addition of Major form is used both for changing your major to GVPT or adding it as a double major/degree.

Our peer advisors are available during business hours to answer questions as you complete the workshop. You are also welcome to schedule an advising appointment with a GVPT Advisor after the completion of the workshop if you have further questions.

BSOS Feller Center Academic Planning Workshop

After completing the GVPT major change workshop, you will need to register for a BSOS Feller Center Academic Planning Workshop through You can complete this workshop online or through a scheduled zoom appointment with a peer mentor. This workshop will walk you through completing a BSOS academic plan and grant you access to the academic planning form at its completion. GVPT Advising is happy to answer questions about your plan, but please be sure to have a draft of your plan ready to discuss. 

Submitting Your Application

Once you have completed both workshops and filled out (1) your Change/Addition of Major form and (2) your Academic Plan, you will need to email both forms to bsosmajorchange [at] You should receive an automated response confirming your submission. Change/Addition of Major requests are accepted on a rolling basis and typically take 15-20 business days for processing. If you have questions about the status of your change/addition of major request, please contact the BSOS Feller Center directly. More information about submitting your application can be found on the BSOS Feller Center’s website,