Welcome to the website for the International Program within the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park. Our mission is to provide diverse opportunities to students through international engagement to enhance their college experience. While our programs are specifically tailored to GVPT majors, they are open to all students.


Fall 2020


Washington, D.C., United States - GVPT429A: Quantitative Study of Exit Polling and Elections


Prof. Croco Photo
Professor Sarah Croco

This class will teach students skills in data analysis and data visualization using the programming language R. The primary focus will be the 2020 election. In the weeks leading up to the election, students will be expected to be keenly aware of publicly-available data related to the election (e.g., polling data) and will learn how to translate these data into real-time insights. Students are also required to participate in two exit polling sessions during the early voting period in MD and all day on the day of the election (Nov. 3). This election will undoubtedly be a historic one for myriad reasons. We hope to make the most of this opportunity by giving students a chance to learn valuable data analysis skills on an event of critical importance for the country.

In order to register students must complete a Memorandum of Understanding indicating their ability to participate in exit polling. The MOU is available here and should be submitted via email to Tristan Hightower, Assistant Director of Global Learning, at thighto [at] umd.edu. Please allow two (2) business days for processing and registration holds to be cleared. 

Paris, France - Race Relations in the U.S. and France (Spring 2021)

Antoine Banks Photo
Professor Antoine Banks


This is a new course that combines lectures on campus in College Park with a study abroad component in Paris, France.The lectures on campus will focus on different strategies for studying race relations.The class will travel to France over Spring Break to learn about the intersection of race and politics from a comparative perspective.

Check back later for more information.






*Postponed from Fall 2020* Havana, Cuba - GVPT 388E: Latin American Politics (with January 2022 abroad) 

Professor Alcaniz Profile Photo
Isabella Alcañiz

This course examines key political and economic policies in Latin America over the past four decades. The seminar will be of interests to students who wish to deepen their knowledge of major events and trends in the region, such as the democratic transitions of the 1980s, the market reforms of the 1990s, and the rise of a Leftist leadership in the 2000s. Students will survey the main debates of contemporary political economy in the region. Drawing from studies in the field of Comparative Politics and Latin American Studies, this course explores the interactions of political and economic actors under specific international conditions, with a particular emphasis on how the state structures, channels and negotiates the economy. Please note that the course does not have a textbook. Rather, similar to graduate seminars, students must read before class a number of research articles, policy reports, and book chapters assigned to each week. The course is organized in three sections: readings on the STATE, on the ECONOMY, and on SOCIETY. This organization is mainly analytical, as most readings touch on two or all three of these areas. But authors prioritize their focus. An important exercise of this class will be to determine how do different authors direct the arrows of causal explanation: do economic factors shape political outcomes? Do state institutions determine political participation? The course includes a 10-day trip to Havana, Cuba in January 2022, where students will meet with government and community representatives. 


Havana, Cuba - GVPT 388F: Foreign Policy Decision Making (Fall 2019 with Winter 2020 abroad)

Will Reed Photo
Professor Will Reed

This was a new course that combines lectures on campus in College Park with a study abroad component in Havana, Cuba. - The lectures on campus will focus on different strategies for studying foreign policy decision making.The class traveled to Cuba to learn about several foreign policy events that shaped much of the foreign policy of the United States in this region.

This course was featured in an article in The Diamondback and photos from the trip abroad can be found on our Instagram profile

These programs are still in developmental stages. Check back soon to see estimated run times.

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