General Information

Welcome to the Government and Politics Honors Program! This site is designed as an informational resource for both prospective members and students currently enrolled in the program.


As a member of the Government & Politics Honors Program, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  1. You may take Honors courses, which are seminars containing a maximum of 20 students.
  2. Seniors in the program, with the consent of the Director of the Honors Program and the instructor of the course, may register in graduate level courses for undergraduate credit.
  3. You will have ample opportunity for discussion and personal relationships with professors and other motivated Honors students.

In addition, after successful completion of the Honors Program, the student will receive, upon recommendation of the Director of the Honors Program, the Bachelor's Degree with "Honors" or "High Honors" in Government & Politics.


In addition to meeting the requirements of the University and the department in which you are enrolled, the Honors student must complete the following:

1. The normal requirements of the Department of Government & Politics, subject to the advantages listed above.

2. A substantial portion of Honors work within the major, including no fewer than three 3-credit Honors level courses, and two 3-credit Honors thesis courses, all offered by the Department of Government & Politics. Note: Courses used to satisfy GVPT Honors Program requirements must be completed with a 'B-' or higher.

3. A senior thesis, to be completed under the guidance of a faculty member from GVPT.  The thesis will begin with enrollment in GVPT 396 “Intro. to Honors Research” during the Spring of the Junior year followed by GVPT 397 “Honors Research” in the Fall of the Senior year.  This will be independent guided research and writing with a thesis advisor, agreed upon by the Director of the Honors Program and you.

The thesis must be submitted at least thirty days before the end of the student’s Fall senior semester, at which time an oral examination of the thesis will be scheduled.  This exam will be conducted before a three-member committee usually composed of the thesis advisor and two other faculty members agreed upon by the student and the thesis advisor.

Note: GVPT396 and GVPT397 may count for Upper Level Major Requirements upon successful completion of BOTH. If the student completes GVPT396 but does not successfully complete GVPT397, then neither course may be used towards the GVPT major requirements.

How to Apply

Students entering the University through the Honors College and who plan on majoring in Government and Politics will be admitted to the program by the request of the student. Students who are not in the University Honors College must wait until the Spring of their sophomore year to apply to the program and their admission is contingent upon high performance records in both GVPT courses and other University courses. It is at the discretion of the Director to admit non-University Honors students, and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Students should have a 3.7 GPA in GVPT coursework and at least a 3.4 in all other coursework, and should have taken three GVPT courses by the time of application.


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Examples of Honors Theses

The Global Spread of the Real Weapons of Mass Destruction: Linking State Collapse and Small Arms Proliferation

The Gender Gap in American Political Attitudes from Foreign Policy to Welfare Programs

As Long as it Works: Violent and Nonviolent Rhetoric Among Opposition Group Leaders